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Nashville Academy of Reflexology in Nashville, Tennessee welcomes the community to receive foot and hand reflexology sessions from its student interns in our School Clinic and our professional graduates who are Registered Certified Reflexologists in our NAR Spa, Therapeutic Foot & Hand Spa.  We hold ourselves to the highest level of education, ethics, and standards of practice.  Please visit our website for information on our programs and classes.

  • To book a session, simply choose whether you wish to book a student intern or a professional reflexologist.
  •  Clicking on the link will open up a monthly calendar with all available times for that service. 
  • When the time period is full, it is removed from the calendar. 

*Student / Intern Clinic Sessions - 30 minutes / $20 (limited time)
Our goal at the student clinic is to provide a beneficial experience of reflexology to you, while giving our students the opportunity to hone their skills as they log their required intern clinic hours toward graduation.

*Professional Spa Sessions - 50 minutes / $60 (additional time @ $1/min.), 2 hour advance notice required.
You can expect a professional foot or hand reflexology session from these proficient Reflexology practitioners. Each session is progressive and individually tailored to reach your  personal wellness goals. "Luxuriate and Learn" with a four-session plan, available for those who want to be empowered to take their wellness to a high level. 

Other add-on services at the NAR Spa include: 

Aromatherapy, Detox Ion Foot Bath, Hydrotherapy, Hot Stone, Light and Sound Therapy, and VitaFlex Raindrop for the Feet.

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